Salvador is considered the cultural capital of Brazil, home to great names of the artistic scenery. Walking on the streets of the Historical District of Salvador is like being taken back to the ancient times of Brazilian History. The tour guides are very well prepared to explain how the colonization of the first city of Brazil happened. In Pelourinho, there are more than 800 mansions from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bahia has always had a differentiated littoral, with the biggest number of beaches in the country, only in Salvador there are 50km of coast. The waters reach, in average, 26°C, what favors a variety of sport modalities, such as windsurf, kite-surf and surf. In Salvador divers find their ideal place. Besides submarine natural wonders, the city has the biggest number of shipwrecks registered in Brazil; some of them are only a few meters away from the beach, accessible for diving beginners. Those who prefer stronger emotions may visit shipwrecks in deep waters, still in All Saints’ Bay.

The particular traits of each ethnic group that forms the city’s population create original music, dance and many other artistic and cultural expressions.

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