Porto Seguro

All the ways lead to Porto Seguro, the gateway for those who want to know the birthplace of Brazil, or for those who want to practice sports, try some good food or simply relax, forget the day-to-day routine, sit back and think about nothing except the beautiful seascapes, blue skies and the sun that shines throughout the year.

Marco do descobrimento. Foto: Jota Freitas/Bahiatursa

Discovery Mark. Photo: Jota Freitas/Bahiatursa

It is an ecological paradise that offers a mix of history, culture, art and natural wonders. There are 90km of beaches protected by coral reefs, rivers, streams, coconut groves and the “Mata Atlântica”.   Travel agencies organize tours that can last from 3 hours to more than one day. Schooners leave daily to Recife de Fora, coral reefs that at low tide form pools with crystal-clear waters.

Other popular options are a tour up the Buranhém River or trips to Coroa Alta, Trancoso and Caraíva.   The city never sleeps! During the day the leisure options go from beaches to hiking in the forest; at night, tourists can have fun at the “Passarela do Álcool”, a street where cocktails made of fruit and vodka are sold in colorful kiosks.

The nightlife goes on at the coast with reggae music, parties and live music in the restaurants and beach kiosks by the sea. Sometimes, those kiosks have presentations of national and even international singers and bands.

The business hours in Porto Seguro are weird. Some shopping malls and handicraft stores are open until midnight. The city has good restaurants. They can satisfy either those who want to get a taste of more sophisticated dishes or those who are looking for a good and cheap meal.

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